About emphatikk!

Evolution of a brand.


In January 2005, a small web design firm named Pactum Web Services was born. It was the fruition of long-time dabbling in art-related interests, and more recent in-depth learning of standards-based web skills. Starting with a few small churches as clients, Pactum gradually grew in scope and rebranded as Tim Gallant Creative in 2008.

With increasing depth and breadth of skills learned and services offered, creative director and principal Tim Gallant relaunched and rebranded with the advent of emphatikk! in early 2015.

About Tim

Tim Gallant grew up a preacher’s kid in Western Canada, at a time too distant to admit to. He graduated from Mid-America Reformed Seminary with pastoral training in 2000, and along with his graphic design and web development career, has extensive experience in communications and customer service. He has written several nonfiction books, and is working on his second novel. In his spare time, he is an indie publisher and provides publishing services.

Tim is married to Kristi, and together they love on ten children.

Tim migrated from northern Alberta, Canada to the Nashville, Tennessee area in April 2013.

Company Snapshot

emphatikk! is a micro-agency built on Tim Gallant’s wide range of skills, which include everything from creative writing and content creation to front end development, graphic design, brand positioning and more.

To complement those professional-grade skills, Tim partners with a shortlist of high performers in related fields whenever necessary, in order to deliver effective corporate solutions with more efficiency and better value than many larger agencies can provide.