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emphatikk! Creative Media Agency (2015—ongoing)

Challenge: Rebrand freelance business into energetic micro-agency serving an expanded client base.

Deliverables provided

  • Corporate concept: Determined focus and attitude of rebrand, including corporate name.
  • Logo: Created new logo with various resonances relevant to brand.
  • Identity: Developed taglines for primary services as well as for overarching brand.
  • Corporate Web Site: Designed new site that conveys energy and drive as well as displays a bit of cutting edge code to show off business strengths. Researched key search phrases.
  • Supplementary Brand Experiences: Designed all supporting environmental and print materials to provide brand with cohesive extended identity.

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Suncrest Memorials (2015)

Challenge: Help reignite a granite memorials business under new ownership.

Deliverables provided

  • Logo: Took very rough logo concept and transformed it into professional grade mark.
  • Identity: Developed full tagline as well as complementary phrases.
  • Corporate Web Site: Designed fresh look appropriate to the nature of the business, including basic look and supplementary graphics (e.g. site-specific product icons). Researched key search phrases. Developed highly user-friendly site with prominent calls to action.

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Watch this space for visual examples. (2014)

Mission: revamp web site for musician, providing more functional ecommerce as well as establishing an identity.

Deliverables provided

  • Site redesign: took from a generic template look to a warm design appropriate to Jamie’s family-oriented music.
  • Restructure: Reconfigured site structure to enable users to find all album information more easily, as well as listen to it in advance.
  • Ecommerce: Reworked digital delivery system to provide downloads by the twin methods of on-site and email download links.

View live web site.

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